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Faculty Leaves
For the Faculty Member
For the Department & College
Leave Request Forms

Please carefully read the Faculty Leaves Policy to assure compliance beyond the instructions provided below.

Complete the request form that corresponds to the leave for which you wish to apply. Deliver your completed form and any other required or requested materials to your department office to begin the approval process.

Parental Leave requests are intended to be consistent with the rights afforded under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). If a faculty member requesting parental leave is FMLA eligible, then any qualifying FMLA leave time shall be administered concurrently with parental and personal leaves.

Personal Leave requests must be submitted along with documents that provide additional details for evaluation of the leave request, as necessary.

Professional Development Leave requests must be submitted with additional documents presenting the following:

  • The nature of the professional leave opportunity and its potential contribution to your expertise or productivity.
  • The scholarly or pedagogical products that are likely to result from this leave and the likely benefits that will accrue to the university from this leave.
  • The criteria you feel should be used to evaluate the success of this leave.
  • A detailed budget of funding that will be used during the leave, both external funds (e.g. fellowships) and university funds.
  • Any other items or considerations you feel are relevant to your proposed leave.

Contact Benefit Services (2-7146, D240 ASB, regarding limitations on employee benefits during an approved leave.

Please carefully read the Faculty Leaves Policy to assure compliance beyond the instructions provided below.

In the rare case of a pre-CFS faculty member pursuing a professional development leave, or if there will have been fewer than six academic years between this leave and the faculty member's previous leave, the application packet must include memos from both the chair and the dean addressing:

  1. Why the leave is a rare and exceptional professional development opportunity.
  2. The CFS implications for a leave at this stage of the pre-CFS faculty member's career.

Any financial support beyond salary that is requested by the applicant should be evaluated carefully by the chair and dean before the application packet is submitted to the university. Chair's and dean's signatures constitute commitment to provide the requested support.

Please use the following forms when requesting a faculty leave:

Michael Barnes

Associate Academic Vice President
D-387 ASB