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Rich Osguthorpe

Richard Osguthorpe

Associate Academic Vice President - Undergraduate Studies

C-389 ASB

Richard Osguthorpe is a life-long fan of Brigham Young University. He worked as a French teacher following his graduation from BYU, but even as an undergraduate, he was drawn to the research side of education and what he calls “the moral work of teaching.” He received master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan, then spent nearly 15 years at Boise State University, preparing teachers and exploring (among other topics) his research interests in how teachers teach morality and also teach morally. He eventually served as dean of Boise State’s College of Education. Osguthorpe brought that leadership, influence, and perspective to the McKay School in 2019, continuing his research, teaching an influential undergraduate education class, and indulging his bone-deep devotion to BYU sports. He misses his regular access to rafting Idaho’s Payette River but continues to seek time on flowing water wherever he finds it. He and his wife, Gwen, also a BYU graduate, have four children.