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Alcuin Application/Nomination Packet

Candidates may apply or be nominated. Submit a nomination/application containing the following:

  1. Candidate name
  2. Academic rank
  3. Years of faculty service at BYU
  4. Department and college
  5. A statement of why the candidate is qualified to teach interdisciplinary courses that qualify for the selected general education course. The letter should provide examples of experience, such as courses developed and taught, relevant research, and other activities that have prepared them for this opportunity. Candidates may apply individually or as a teaching partnership.
  6. An abbreviated curriculum vitae and summary of teaching evaluations as outlined in the nomination packet guidelines above.
  7. Department chair or award committee letter of nomination addressing the candidate’s strengths in teaching and ability to collaborate with other faculty members. (Include justification for buy-out funds, if required.)
  8. Chair’s and dean’s signatures indicating their acceptance of the obligation associated with this fellowship.

Applications/Nomination materials for this award should be submitted to:

Susan Rugh, Dean of Undergraduate Education
Re: Alcuin Fellowship

When submitting nominations or applications for an Alcuin Fellowship, college deans should also send the nominee’s or applicant’s name—not nomination packet—to the Associate Academic Vice President–Faculty Development for initial review.

Laura Bridgewater

Associate Academic Vice President
D-387 ASB
(801) 422-3428